Learn 5 Social Media Trends to Promote Your Online Business

social media trends

social media trendsSocial media is a huge asset to be utilized in promoting your online business.

A huge audience engages every day on social media platforms.

On average, a person will spend five years and four months on social media.

Compare this to eating or drinking which on average will total about three years and five months.

In short, a lot of people will spend a lot of time in this online social space.

The customer base is there, now all you need are the tools to be able to tap into it.

Each social media platform has its own quirks and like everything else will undergo its fair share of trends.

Some social media platforms will even go extinct, just look at MySpace or even Vine.

Keep reading to gain a greater understanding of social media trends to help use them to promote your online business.

Content over Advertising

People go to social media for different purposes.

This can be for a chance to unwind, to escape through pictures, to keep up with friends.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that they aren’t going to social media to have ads in their face.

On your social media platforms, it is very important to create an inviting place for your customers.

Provide them with content, don’t just ask for their business.

Following this guideline will help you retain the traffic you fought hard to get in the first place.

Choosing the Proper Channels

Is your business more LinkedIn or Instagram?

Every social media platform has different strengths and recognizing which will serve your business the most will help save some time and effort.

LinkedIn is more for businesses that want to build their professional reputations while Instagram is more of a visual and trendy platform.

There is of course room for cross over.

Paying attention to social media trends for all of the different options will help you decide.

If you already have accounts on all platforms, make sure to pay attention to where your audience is the most active.

Strategize Your Visuals

No matter which social media platforms you choose to engage in, having visual content is a must.

A survey revealed that 80 percent of people find that video is a more effective means of communication over plain text.

By no means, however, should you just publish visual content without a strategy.

Your brand’s cohesiveness and the effectiveness of your social media accounts will be determined by your visuals.

They are the first things that your customer’s eyes will be drawn to.

Engage Your Employees

Your employees can be an asset in discovering and using social media trends.

Their audience, chances are, consist of their closest friends family and acquaintances.

The content they provide through their accounts or even your brands is bound to have a genuine feel.

Speak with them to see if they have any ideas.

Live Content

This item is by far the trendiest on the list, but it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.

Live content comes in the form of SnapChat, Facebook Live, Events, Instagram Stories, and more.

The spontaneous nature of these tools will give your customers an inside look at your business and will give an authentic touch to your business.

The Bottom Line on Social Media Trends

These social media trends may seem like a lot to handle, but you’ve got this!

If you need help maintaining your WordPress site, we can help with that.

Let us take care of the backend stuff so you can focus on delivering the right message to your new customers.

social media trends

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