6 Innovative Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017

If you’re thinking about starting a website, or you already have one, it’s important to stay fresh.

A good website should always be changing. Of course, the content on your website is already fantastic–it’s the presentation that should evolve. 

New web design trends are helping thousands of sites around the world reel in new visitors every day. With an eye to the most popular shifts in web design, you can improve your own site.

1. Voice Recognition Software

From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, the race for the voice recognition has heated up in recent years. 

It’s only getting hotter–every day, new advancements are being made in the field. Just check out these scientists at MIT who created a chip that matches current technologies while using a fraction of the power. 

Website developers are taking advantage of this booming technology. Every year, new apps are created that allow developers to link microphones with website features.

This creates an audio-based user experience. But that doesn’t mean things need to get complicated.   

2. Greatness in Simplicity

Between all these advancements in technology, many web design trends are shifting toward simpler websites. 

What gives? 

The answer is user-friendliness. 

As we become overrun with information on our phones, computers, and tablets, it’s often a relief to come across a clean, smooth website. 

These kinds of a website emphasize content, which brings the message back to your ideas and products. 

Ultimately, that’s what makes a user engage. 

3. Engaging/Interactive Design

Web sites are becoming a two-way street. 

From Virtual Reality headsets to click-adventures online, developers have started to give users decision-making power. 

That means giving your visitors more control over what happens when they visit a website.

And that might make them stick around a little longer. So will changes in your design. 

4. Duotone Designs

Duotone designs have become more popular recently.

For many sites that want simplicity but need to convey a lot of information, this design strikes a nice middle ground. 

These colorful websites are definitely good-looking. Check out the design from Andover Fork Truck Services, a British company. 

You might not be interested in English Fork Trucks. But that website can draw in anybody, regardless of whether or not they are customers. 

Their sleek design is also good for what it lacks. 

5. Out of Stock (Photos)

Stock photos are the traditional glue of a good website page. 

They still have their place–they help orient a reader of an article, for example. 

However, web design trends are turning away from reliance on stock imagery. It’s becoming less common to see a homepage with a stock photo. 

As artists migrate to the web, better solutions for online art are popping up than ever before.

Plus, there are new kinds of eye-catching content.  

6. More Gifs, Please

GIFs have become popularized in viral articles on websites like Buzzfeed in the past few years. 

They’re long enough to contain a small plot but shorter than a video.

They’re the perfect kind of image to keep a user chuckling or gasping in amazement.

Which Wed Design Trend is Best for You?

Web design is constantly changing, which means there are plenty of routes for you to take. 

Continue reading for more information about making your website stand out from the rest.